Metu: He represents all of the young males of the world.
Lee: She represents young females of the world.
Chemo Commando: This character was designed as a droplet since chemotherapy can be in liquid form. He has powers of karate and represents strength. The arm band represents the medic in the healing power of the chemotherapy.

Dr. Sachedina: This character represents Dr. Sachedina. Her caring and informative attitude in this series represents the entire project goal to educate and empower children..You will see certain attributes such as her earrings and the ring on her finger that she always wears. Her stethoscope around her neck is a staple during a professional career. The white coat represents the fact that she’s a physician and helps children bond with this character to ease the discomfort that can be felt by seeing an adult in a white coat during an physician office visit.

KIP: This character is designed from an acronym for knowledge is power. Through electronic transmission, it helps explain and advise children during their journey.
Radiation Rod: This is a character the lasers zaps the bad cells. Radiation is exactly like that. Radiation provides radiation treatment to destroy the bad cells.
Good Cells: These represent healthy normal cells. On ultrasound, a lesion that has a well-defined border usually is a benign lesion. This was the inspiration for this character.
Bad Cells: These are cells with jagged edges. These are the cancer cells. On ultrasound, lesions with jagged edges usually represent a malignancy. This was the inspiration for this character.