Who are Metu and Lee?

Metu and Lee are the two main characters for this book series. They are derived from Dr. Sachedina’s desire to help those dealing with medical issues in their homes. Since the first book was written ,Metu and Lee Learn About Breast Cancer, people were using the book and taking out the word breast and putting prostate or other types of cancers. In order to help those families, the book was written in my more generic form as Metu and Lee Learn About Cancer. Metu and Lee Learn About Leukemia was written to help young children dealing with this disease.

The purpose of the Metu and Lee series is to provide medical information cloaked in characters and in verbiage that is easy for children to understand. This information is medically accurate and helps provide basic form information for different treatments such as radiation ,surgery and chemotherapy.

This book also focusses light on the fact that children need to be educated so that they know what the changes around them mean. Anticipating these changes with information is less stressful for these children. Studies have shown that children in homes touched by malignancies do better if they’re educated on the changes to anticipate. This eases there in anxiety . The study clearly show the children affected in homes touch by breast cancer can have increased psychosocial and detachment issues if they are not educated properly at the time that the family is dealing with this disease. It is Dr. Sachedina’s opinion this information can be extrapolated into other malignancies as well.

It is the goal for the Metu and Lee book series, and the project, to help support all individuals by providing encouragement, information, and a tool to help open discussion with the youngest of the victims, the children.

Over a decade has passed since the first installment in the series was published, and in that time, more Metu and Lee books have been produced, which focus on cancer as a whole as well as leukemia.